Access to Justice Election Survey

March 12, 2014

Recently, Community Legal Centres Tasmania wrote to the four political parties likely to win seats at the upcoming State Election. The parties were the Liberals, Australian Labor Party (ALP), Tasmanian Greens and Palmer United Party (PUP). As of the 12th March 2014 responses have been received from the Liberals the Tasmanian Greens and the ALP. The PUP response will be published when received. 

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Will you introduce a Charter of Human Rights?









No response received


Will you support DHHS ‘Continuum of Care’ review?


Will review findings



Will review findings





How will you reduce youth offending and youth detention?



Will invest $5.3 million in community youth justice programs


Committed to early intervention, assistance and diversion programs


Supports model focusing on early intervention, prevention, diversion and desistance



Will you provide financial assistance to ensure the survival of the EDO?


Not clear but will ensure funding to ‘vulnerable’ Tasmanians







No commitment to recurrent funding for survival but EDO will be allowed to apply through SGF


Will you commit to providing same level of State funding to legal assistance services?


Within current budget constraints, will be difficult to commit







Will CLCs continue to be invited to apply for Solicitors’ Guarantee Funding?








Will  breach details and internal right of review be given to all Housing Tasmania tenants at risk of eviction?


Will introduce ‘three-strikes’ policy in consultation with stakeholders








Will you commit to review of Family Violence Act?






Will you commit to gender specific perpetrator programs? 

Will restore Family Violence police units and invest $250,000 in Affordable Housing including review of unmet demand for crisis shelters for victims escaping domestic violence


Committed to development of gender specific perpetrator programs



Committed to continuation of present programs